The Penny Arcade Report:

Beyond the Final Boss isn’t about bullying, it’s about what life holds after – it’s about winning

“You don’t have to be a developer, you don’t have to have name recognition. If you’re involved in the industry in some way and can say how life got better, you can submit your story. For now, that’s the mission of Beyond the Final Boss; collect and share stories.”


Indie Games:

Super Crate Box, Thomas Was Alone devs share on new site stories of being bullied

“We want to show these young people examples of successful, happy lives achievable beyond the bullying. A fulfilled, happy and cool life is within their reach. We focus on the hope and show that it’s not a pipe dream.”


NBC News:

Gamers vs. bullies: ‘We won. You can win too’

“…the response has been stunning. As word has spread, game makers of all kinds and from around the world have begun submitting their stories”


Kill Screen:

Beyond the Final Boss is “It Gets Better” for the bullied gamer generation

“…an uplifting portrayal of game developers’ stories about bullying and ultimately success.”



Videogame developers share stories of bullying

“It takes a ton of courage to open up like this, and it’s so important that these stories are out there. Hearing that others went through similar situations goes such a long way, and gives hope to those that see people able to succeed and overcome bullying and depression. I speak from experience when I say this.”


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