One night late last December (2012), I (Shahid Kamal Ahmad) noticed Mike Bithell and Byron Atkinson-Jones having a discussion about bullying and how it would be good if we could reach some of the youngsters being bullied. I joined in that discussion, immediately inspired, because I recognised with a chill that many people in the games industry might well have been bullied. I hadn’t realised just how on the mark that recognition had been.

I decided not to waste a minute and discussed with Mike And Byron the idea of starting some kind of movement the focus of which was to show youngsters that because people like us had been bullied, but gone on to win at life, living lives enriched beyond the wildest dreams of childhood, that they might be able to draw comfort from that and join us one day.

Having been a telephone counsellor for Childline many moons ago, and having been, along with my family, the subject of some pretty nasty bullying myself, the subject of bullying has been close to my heart for some time. The creations of the future will come from the young of today and often, rather sadly, the most visionary are the most bullied.

I’m proud to be part of this, a movement we call “Beyond the Final Boss” and would love for you to support us by adding yourself to our mailing list through our contact form. 

In the meantime, here is the original blog post that discussed the idea along with Mike and Byron’s stories: Beyond the Final Boss

And you can find the Facebook page here: Beyond the Final Boss

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