Welcome to Beyond the Final Boss

Welcome to Beyond the Final Boss!

For the post that describes how we started this initiative, please read my original post on Beyond the Final Boss on my personal blog.

We also have a Facebook page, which we (Mike, Byron and I) urge you to “like” and “share” to increase awareness of our mission.

What is our mission? Simply this:

We want to show youngsters who are being bullied, or are still suffering from the effects of bullying, that because we won, they can win too.

Later on Sunday, we will have our first profile page on this site. We hope you will share it widely, you never know who it might help. The first profile to be featured will be from none other than Rami Ismail, one of the giants of the indie development scene.

One thought on “Welcome to Beyond the Final Boss

  1. Andrew beaven

    I love storys like this that have happy ending. I was bully everday at school because my mum and dad had no work. I live in Bristol now and life is still HARD. But its not all bad. I very thankfull for what i have and work hard for it. when people LOL at me i think it better then people being angery. I’m poo with women but i’m going to make 2013 my year not being single. KEEP ROCKING AND DON’T LET THE NOB HEADS GET YOU DOWN. ONE LOVE :)


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