BTFBoss received this email (amongst many). It speaks for itself.

I think what you guys are doing is great. I’m still in High School
myself but due to my increase in size since freshman year people tend
not to mess with me so much anymore.
I think it’s great that something like this exists to help people who
are less fortunate to persevere and rise above their situation. I’m
working on a game with a small group of people, and I would definitely
say that a lot of my influence for some of the enemies has come from
experiences with bullies and knowing what it truly means to be scared
and feel overwhelmed. People who are being tormented beyond belief
simply because of who they are should not learn to resent themselves,
but wave their personal flag high.
Now I guess what I’m getting at is that I love what you’re doing here.
Please, continue for the sake of all of those kids, teenagers, and
adults you have the potential to reach and help. Just… keep saving
lives, Keep saving minds.

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